INFOMAX actively deals with real estates in Bulgaria since 1994. The agency is among the establishers of the Bourgas Real Property Association and member of the National Real Property Association /NRPA/, which unite the major agencies in the country. The manager Rumyana Georgieva works to initiate professionalism and high standards in business.
INFOMAX executes the following business activities:

  • Purchase and sale of properties / terrains, houses, hotels, commercial units, apartments /

  • Marketing surveys and consultancy service

  • Property management

  • Legal service in the operations with real estates

  • Brokerage services for investment in seaside holiday villages

The INFOMAX team comprises highly educated in specialized seminars real estate brokers, lawyers, licensed appraisers and engineers. The business team operates with real estate properties along the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Thanks to their personal experience and knowledge our experts provide the agency’s clients with the highest responsibility, professional services and correctness. In each business activity they follow standards proven in the international practice. Professionally consulting the clients, the INFOMAX team ensures high quality and stability of their investments.

The agency is orientated to development of the long-term potential of the Bulgarian real estate market. Investing in marketing surveys, our goal is to satisfy the high expectations of our clients and partners.

Responsibility, correctness and maximal protection of the clients’ interests are the values leading our actions. This guarantees high reputation of the agency and long-term relationships with clients and partners in the country and abroad.

Guarantee for our success is the recognition of the branch community and the clients’ trust.

INFOMAX supports partnership network in 26 towns in Bulgaria. The company is a part of the first consortium of real estate agencies in Bulgaria called “IMOTI GROUP BULGARIA” LTD. It is established to respond to as good as is possible the requirements of the Bulgarian and foreign corporative clients and to be equivalent partner, adviser and executor for companies with special investments. 

INFOMAX is active member of:

  • NRPA /National Real Property Association/ 



  • FIABCI /International Real Estate Federation/



  • CEREAN /Central European Real Estate Associations Network/



  • NAR /National Association of Realtors, USA/